The notan project was an interesting and fun assignment. The assignment was to use a black square piece of paper, cut shapes out of it, and flip them onto the other side/sides.The hardest part for me was coming up an idea and finding a way to execute it using an exact-o knife. I finally came up with the idea to do sunflowers, but I wanted to make them look like they were turning at different angles. This was hard since I could't draw the individual petals, instead I had to distort the inside circle. Cutting out all the little pieces and sharp edges were especially hard with the exact-o knife. It took a lot of focus and patience to take my time and not accidentally over-cut anything. I liked this project because it was very unique and not like anything we have done in this class so far. It was also interesting to see my peer's different ideas. I was worried that my idea for this assignment wasn't creative enough, but during the critique, every said it looked really good and complex. This surprised me because I liked a lot of my peer's simple but bold ideas. Overall, I had no negative critiques and a lot of good feedback. I was proud of my final result.


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